Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year

Well, 2009 is almost here and I have to say that I am pretty excited. No, 2008 wasn't a bad year in any way, it was actually a great year, but I'm just excited to see what lies in store for our family. I'm sure that 2009 will be filled with ups and downs, but no matter what, I'm sure it'll be an adventure.

So, today is my grandparents' 60th wedding anniversary. That is a truly amazing accomplishment! My grandparents are wonderful people.They are so loving and caring towards the ones they love, which doesn't stop at those related by blood. Their love is unconditional and they do things for my family without any payment in return. I'm truly blessed for a lot of reasons, but the family that I am surrounded by is at the top of my list.


Saturday, December 27, 2008

Bye, Bye Christmas 2008

Well, the Christmas season is over and I'm happy and sad at the same time.

I am happy to see December 25th go because it is such a busy and overwhelming day. We have 5 houses to visit and about 100 people to see - it is amazing and frightening! I always feel like I didn't get the chance to talk to someone or thank them for a gift and I always regret that later. This year, I wasn't feeling 100%, so I was definitely off my game.

This Christmas was great because Griffin was into the opening of presents, of which there was an overabundance. He opened a box of shoes (on his own) and exclaimed "WOW!" It was one of those priceless moments I know I'll always remember.

No matter how overwhelmed I get over the 36 hours that is Dec. 24-25, I truly enjoy the togetherness and the love that is in the air! Now that is it almost 2009, I can only hope that next Christmas will be as memorable as this year's was.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Merry Christmas

Hi everyone! I hope that you are all having a joyous holiday season, but in order to determine whether or you have achieved ultimate Christmas pandemonium, let's take a quiz (it's a teacher thing, bear with me).
  • #1 - Have you waited in a line behind a person who had to price check EVERY item in their cart and then they ended up buying only two things?
  • #2 - Have you been waiting patiently for that oh-so-close parking space when out of nowhere comes another car and steals your spot?
  • #3 - Have you been handed the "I Want" list which ends up containing 100 things that are also at the tops of every other child's wish list?

Well, we all know the true meaning of Christmas, but with all of the craziness it is very easy to forget and get caught up in the other ideas of Christmas.

I LOVE Christmas, but this year has turned out to be truly special. Jimmy and I got our shopping done early and we haven't had to rush around getting last minute gifts and it's been really nice. Also, Griffin is almost 16 months old and it's such a joy to watch him take everything in ... the tree ("wow"), the TV shows, the music, the lights ... he seems to really enjoy it all.

I am most excited to spend some quality time with all of my family ... that is the only present that I am looking forward to this year!


Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Let the Testing Begin

Well, last night, my darling little baby boy was testing the waters of how far he could push his tired, but loving parents. It started innocently enough with wanting to stand on everything that he's not allowed to stand on (tables, couches, our dogs) and continued to throwing books at daddy, ripping up the newspaper, scaring the dogs, not listening, and just being an onery little boy. Okay, so maybe it doesn't sound SO bad, but if you are tired and not exactly feeling good - it can be a lot. So, Griff was sent to time-out by daddy. Now, I have had Griff in time-out a few times before, but this was daddy's first go at it.

However, I was a bad mommy and I kept looking over at my dear baby and laughing at how funny it was standing there in a corner - bad move on my part because some got angry and stated, "I'm just not going to pt him in time-out again if you're just going to laugh. Point taken. Well, I have learned my parenting lesson, when daddy puts Griffin in time-out, I need to butt-out!!!


Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Terrible 15 months?

I have always heard about the "terrible twos," but that happens at the age of 2, correct?! Well, for the past 3 weeks, I think that we have been going through the terrible 15 months. My sweet, kind child has turned into a hitter, bitter, and a temper tantrum thrower.

Example #1 - (time: about 2 weeks ago) I was putting on my makeup and Griffin tried to take something from my makeup case, so I told him "no." Well, obviously, that was unacceptable to him because he threw his bottle directly at my head!

Example #2 - (time: on Monday) I sat Griffin in time-out after he pulled on Brutus' jowls for the third time in a five minute span of time (thank goodness our dog just sits and lets this happen). So, he sat in time-out and cried and when he was allowed to get out, he came over to me and bit my leg.

Example #3 - (time: at least 3-5 times a day) At any given time, when he's tired, when he's hungry, when I ask him to come here, whenever he feels like it, Griffin will lay on the ground and scream while kicking his arms and legs.

While I love my child, no matter what, no one told me to expect this already. I mean, we're 9 months away from being 2 ... I thought I had all that time to prepare. Are there any books out there that prepare you for ALL of those things that most parenting books don't mention? Oh well, I'm including some pictures from a few fits we had last week. Enjoy!
Take care, stay warm, and keep laughing!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

How Fast Things Change

So today, Jimmy and I were going through some old pictures and I just couldn't get over what a difference a year makes. Last December, Griffin was about 3 1/2 months old and he looked like this ...
Now, one year later, he is 15 1/2 months old and he looks like this ...

P.S. - I am so excited from all of the feedback that I have received from everyone. I am truly excited that you all love reading the things that I have to write. Feel free to visit as often as possible and tell everyone to stop by. I will try to keep you entertained with my crazy stories.

Take care, stay warm, and keep laughing!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Poop Hits the Fan

So, ever since I became a mom I seem to have the same conversation with almost all other parent I talk to or meet ... poop. Today at work, a few colleagues and I were discussing the fine art of pooping (potty training, constipation ... all of those fun topics) and another colleague, with no kids, walked in and I saw "the look." Okay, I know "the look" because I have given this look plenty of times B. G. (see blog The Best Husband Ever) after listening to a conversation of parents who talk about things I never wanted to know about kids and their bodily functions.

On average, I probably talk about my kid's poop 2-3 times a day. My hubby and I talk about it (usually because of the sheer awful stench), my sitter and I talk about it (the number of times per day and the consistency), and I possibly might even discuss it with a family member (generally an "is this normal" thing). Five years ago, I never thought this conversation would've even come out of my mouth, I mean, what kind of person talks about poop on a daily basis. So many things have changed since I became a mother and poop is one of those things.

For those of you who aren't parents, keep on giving us "the look" (I totally do not blame you one bit) because those of us who are parents are going to keep talking the talk. It is just one of the things that reminds us what we are really live for ... our kids. Take care, stay warm, and keep laughing.

(just because he's so freaking cute!)

Monday, December 1, 2008

My Favorite Time of Today

So, what is your favorite time of the day? In general, I enjoy most of my days, but today was an especially long one. Well, with hubby being out of town, Griff getting three shots at the doctor's (including the 2nd round of the flu shot which seems to bring in the need to be constantly held and whiny), and then refusing to take his 2 hour afternoon nap even though he was exhausted ... needless to say when 7:45 hit and the little man was in his crib snoring; that was the best time of my day. I know that's selfish, but I am whipped and all I wanted to do was watch a little Gossip Girl and eat some string cheese (is that weird?). Single parents deserve A LOT of credit ... I am blessed to have someone there to stand beside me (even if we are occasionally standing in puke together) because I could not do it on my own. Take care, stay warm, and keep laughing.