Monday, August 31, 2009

Go! Griffin Go!

Last weekend we had Griffin's 2nd birthday party at our house. We had 33 people squeezed into tight quarters, but we had a great afternoon celebrating our special, little boy! Here are some pictures of the fun that we had.
Go! Diego Go! was the theme and this is the cupcake cake ... very, very good, but the icing was a little excessive.
The other animal themed cupcakes - we had to have zebras since they are Kallyn's favorite!
Some balloons.Treat bags for the kids. Of course it was filled with good-for-you things ... like sweet tarts and smarties (ha!).
Yummy icing!
The super cute birthday boy!
This was the EXACT moment that Griffin blew out the candle ... talk about perfect timing!
Rescue Pack was a big hit.
Griffin was such a big boy; he opened his own presents! Griffin in his new Ohio State recliner ... he sat in it and looked like he was in a zone.
Griffin had fun playing with the large Diego balloon.
People always tell you that your kids grow up so fast and it is the total truth! I am still trying to come to terms with the fact that my little baby is now a big boy! I know that I am enjoying every single minute with Griffin ... here's to many, many, many more fun birthdays!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

One Down ... A Million More To Go

I made I through my first week back to work. It has been a rocky transition for me to go from SAHM to WM (stay at home mom - working mom), but I'm sure it will get easier as time goes on. It also doesn't help that Griffin is going through the phase where he freaks out when we leave him and the fact that my workload is ridiculous this year. Also, I have many, many, many IEP students who require special accommodations, we got new textbooks (which means all new lesson plans), and I have 40 more students this year than I had in class last year.

So far (knock on wood), my students seem pretty cool, but only time will tell. I'll be able to get back to my normal blogging soon, so bear with me!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Too Tired

Why is that I always forget how tired I am during the first few weeks of school. I am exhausted and it's only been 3 days! Everything is going pretty well ... I already have a few "fun" students, so they will keep me on my toes all year (yeah).

I work at a school where the people are really nice, so it has been great to see everyone again. I have been spending time after the students leave hanging out and not doing any work :) Oh well, it's been a nice relaxing time of the day for me.

So, if you don't hear from me in a couple days, I am SLEEPING and will catch you up soon!!!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Today is Griffin's birthday ... he is officially 2 years old! I can't believe it; in my eyes he is still a little baby who always needs me and not a grown up boy who can do things on his own. Griffin is a wonderful child ... he listens, he is funny, he is sweet, he is smart, he is loving, and he is friendly towards others (yes, he is ornery, stubborn, and thrown tempers, but I will ignore that today).
So, in honor of my big boy, here are some things that he is doing right now:

  • you can say about 75 words on your own, but you repeat new words after someone else says them.
  • you can name all the characters on Dora, Diego, and Ni Hao, Ki-lan (plus, you know Pablo, Max, and Ruby).
  • you can answer Dora or Diego when they ask a question and you can laugh when something funny happens to one of the characters.
  • you say someones name over and over and over again when they are with you ... I probably hear Mama 200 times a day.
  • you like to run and when you do you swing one arm back and forth, which cracks me up.
  • you still likes to be held for a little bit after waking up from a nap.
  • you loves to color and you are very good at scribbling.
  • you are a great eater; there are very few things that you will not eat.
  • you LOVE to jump and climb.
  • you say "a melcome" (you're welcome) instead of thank you ... I think this is the cutest thing.
  • you have been to the emergency room two times (pneumonia and a cracked lip from a fall).
  • you say "bess you" when someones sneezes and it makes me want to cry.
  • you are learning new things every day.
  • you do so many things that this blog will only capture a small percentage of it all.

I love you little stink ... more than you will ever know!==========================================
FROM THIS - Griffin's hospital picture ... seriously, I miss those chubby cheeks!

TO THIS - Griffin's 2 year birthday pictures ... too precious for words!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Griffin - a monthly view

Tomorrow my baby leaves the "months" and becomes a full-fledged "year old." So in honor of the "months," here is a little tribute to Griffin starring in ... "The Months of His Life."
Griffin's Birth Day - August 25, 2007
1 month old - September 2007
2 months old - October 2007
3 months old - November 2007
4 months old - December 2007
5 months old - January 2008
6 months old - February 2008
7 months old - March 2008
8 months old - April 2008
9 months old - May 2008
10 months old - June 2008 11 months old - July 2008
12 months old - August 2008
13 months old - September 2008
14 months old - October 2008
15 months old - November 2008
16 months old - December 2008
17 months old - January 2009
18 months old - February 2009
19 months old - March 2009
20 months old - April 2009
21 months old - May 2009
22 months old - June 2009
23 months old - July 2009
24 months old - August 2009

Friday, August 21, 2009

Sniff, Sniff ...

Today is my last day of summer vacation ... sniff . It also means that Griffin will start back up with his sitter full-time ... sniff . Oh, don't feel too sorry for me ... I had a WONDERFUL summer and Griffin and I spent a ton of quality time together.

It will hard to go back to work, but I know my boy is in good hands (he loves Cindy, his sitter) and she'll teach him all kinds of new things. Who knows, maybe he'll learn that 1, 2, 5 isn't the proper way to count. Hey, I am an English teacher not a Math teacher! Here are some pictures of my favorite student.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

2 year well visit

UPDATE: Griffin did pretty well at the doctor's and he only had to have one shot, so it wasn't too bad to hold him down. He weighed in at 29 pounds (89th percentile) and measured in at 36 inches in lenght (98th percentile) ... the doctor thinks he's going to be a big boy!

Today at 9:15 am is Griffin's 2 year well visit with the doctor ... pray for us (shots are not a favorite of my STRONG, little man ... our poor nurse). Details to come later!