Friday, February 26, 2010

Booooooooo and The Best Part

This has been a pretty long week ... Griffin has been sick. Normally, my boy is a ball of fire; running, climbing, jumping, eating, talking. On Monday, when I went to pick him up from the sitter's, she told me he laid around on the couch all day and DIDN'T EAT MUCH. You could tell in his eyes that he wasn't his normal self, so we went home and cuddled (oh and there was a 4 am wake up call - yuck). Tuesday ... a little better, but still not really eating. Wednesday, still laying around, but he ate a good dinner... AND THEN ... the cough started and he threw up (poor thing had no idea what was going on). The puking scared him because he hasn't thrown up since he was less than one year old.

So, we went to to doctor and he has a virus AND strep throat. So, he's on medicine, but it's been hard to watch him be sick. We're getting there ... we had another "puke-fest" tonight, but he was acting a little more life "Griffin." Hopefully, in the next few days we'll get back to having our ornery, active boy!

The best part of this week, even in the middle of the sickies, has been my cuddly, baby boy. He wants us to hold him and he'll just sit on my lap. It's so nice to just cuddle with him!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Best Part

The best part of today will be the moment I lay my head on my pillow tonight ... I'm tired! My little boy wasn't feeling 100% yesterday, so he wasn't eating. SO ... he woke up about 4:30 am and was "hungy." Yes, it is a good sign, but it makes for a LONG DAY!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Toddler Talk

Griffin has been talking up a storm lately ... it's so cute to hear (and then sometimes try to decipher) what he is saying. Here are a few funny/cute things that he has been saying lately.

  • "I a pirate .... argh."
  • "I don't want this." - very popular for potty training and everything else.
  • "I dancin." - I told Griffin to stop kicking my car's center console and this was his response.
  • "iffey" or "iffin" is what he says when asked what his name is.

More to come ...

Monday, February 15, 2010

Milestones, Shopping, and The Best Part ...

Two big things happened in our house over the past weekend ...
  • #1 - Griffin pooped on the potty. Oh yeah, he sure did. Granted, I think he did it because he thought it was the ornery thing to do.

  • #2 - We took down our last baby gate. We've been doing some construction (painting and moving furniture) and it just seemed like a good time to take it down. Griffin could've pushed the gate over months ago, so it really wasn't keeping him contained. It was more for our dogs ... ha!


Today, I went on a little shopping trip to celebrate the awesome President's Day sales! The Children's Place was running a $2.99 sale ... heaven! I bought Griffin clothes in 3T, since that is what he'll be wearing next year. I got him a winter coat, 8 long sleeve shirts, 3 pairs of pants for under $40. Of course, I had coupons from Printable Coupons for a little extra help.
I've decided to start a new way to keep track of some of my favorite memories. I'm going to call it The Best Part and whenever something happens that I want to remember, I'll jot a short post about it.

SO ... The Best Part of yesterday (Feb. 14th) was ... Griffin sitting quietly on my lap for 20 minutes while we watched Snow White. I just hugged him and kissed his tiny face while he sat still (which is VERY unusual). It was super sweet.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Busy Life

We've been pretty busy around here ... working, playing, laughing, shoveling .... lots and lots of shoveling. The snow in Ohio has been crazy! 12 inches last weekend and another 10" predicted for today/tonight.
Also, we've been potty training and it's ... going ... pretty good. The worst part is in the mornings when Griffin just wakes up and he's still tired, so he says, "I don't want this." It's so cute and funny. Has anyone else had to their child who goes to the potty so well for someone else (aka my sitter) and he fights me tooth and nail when I ask him to go.
My little sister is getting married in May and I am throwing her a shower in March. I have been making flower pens as centerpieces/door prizes (my sister-in-law is awesome at making these). They are pretty easy, but a little time consuming. It's just fake flowers wrapped around a pen with green floral tape in a vase with colored beads. They came out GREAT ... I feel crafty!
Well, that's what has been going on with us ... I'll try not to stay away too long!