Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Harper: 7 months old!

This was by far the HARDEST set of pictures to take! Little girl was everywhere!!!
Harper Elizabeth, you are now SEVEN months old!!! You are getting so big too quickly! This month has definitely gone by the fastest as it started right after Thanksgiving and ended today!
  • You weigh about 22 pounds and I'm guessing you are close to 29 inches tall (I know the weight is right due to a trip to Stat Care).
  • You wear mostly 12 month tops and leggings, but you can still wear your 9 month sleepers.
  • You wear a size 4 shoe. Your little feet are so chubby!
  • You wear size 3 diapers.
  • You eat about every 5-6 hours during the day. You start to get really fussy when you are hungry, so we know it's time. Also, you can now hold your own bottle, which is pretty helpful!
  • You do really well with food. As far as babyfood, you pretty much eat everything. When we are eating, you REALLY notice and you do whatever you can to make us share with you. You still love the puffed cereal bites and yogurt melts! We've also given you some people food, applesauce, banana, whipped cream, etc, and you LOVE IT ALL!
  • You like to roll all over the floor and try to knock things over, be held and talked to, and sit and play with your toys. You also like to watch your brother; he still, sometimes, shares his toys with you!
  • You LOVE pattycake!!! You have been known to do this in the middle of the night, which is both cute and a little annoying. Ha!
  • You are a good daytime sleeper. You take a nap (@2 hours) about a little after you wake up, and then you take another 1.5-2 hour nap after lunch.
  • Your are still not sleeping through the night :(. You usually go to bed around 7:30 and I put you in your crib. Then, you wake up around 1am and I bring you in Mommy and Daddy's room to sleep in the pack and play. A few nights this month, we slept in the rocker because you were so stuffed up and needed to sleep upright!
  • You have a self-soothing ritual of hitting yourself in the head with one hand and playing with your ear with the other. Also, right before you go to sleep, you turn your head from side to side 5 times!
  • You are the sweetest (spoiled) little girl who LOVES to be held! Your favorite spot to sleep is in someone's arms. You were LOVING all the attention you got on Christmas; so many people wanted to hold you!
  • Your big brother ADORES you!!! He is always happy to help when you are upset! You have been playing pretty rough with him; you like to grab onto his hair or face and pull really hard. He just says, "Harper, that hurts!," but he never gets made at you. He truly is the best big brother!!!
  • You really are such a happy baby! Even on little sleep, you still flash your big smile to everyone! You love to be around people and the only time you cry is when people leave you alone in a room, you are hungry, or you poop!
  • You love reaching for whatever is in front of you ... the computer keyboard, my food, my drinks ... the list goes on and on! You are SO curious/nosy and you love to know what is going on around you.
  • You sit all by yourself and you love to sit there and play with some of your toys. When you are done sitting, you can roll onto your belly, and then push yourself back onto your butt!
  • You have rolling mastered and we find you in very different places from where we left you.
  • You are SOOOOO ready to crawl. If something (or someone) is in front of you, you grab it to pull yourself forward. You can get on "all fours," rock forward, and take one step. You are pretty good at crawling backwards!!!
  • You are a blondie! We have a tough time keeping up your faux-hawk because your hair is growing in more and doesn't want to stand up on top!
  • Your eyes are so pretty and I think they will stay the mostly blue, but with a little green/grey tint!
  • You get baths in the kitchen sink because you like sitting up and seeing the water and grabbing everything around you. You make a huge mess splashing, but you have so much fun!
  • You are now in the big rear-facing car seat. I couldn't carry that infant seat and you enjoy sitting up a little higher and closer to your brother!
  • You are a smiler and "talker" (aka a yeller). It is so funny to just talk to you and get that response! You have the cutest gummy smile! When we are out, people just gravitate towards you and you smile at them!
  • You are a LOUD BABY!!!! When you are left alone in a room, you want people to come back, so you get loud!!!
  • You like to blow bubbles/raspberries with your lips and spit usually flies everywhere!
  • You love petting and then grabbing onto Brutus and he tolerates that pretty well. He always sits right by you like he's protecting you.
  • You are doing really well going to the babysitter's house during the week. However, you light up when I come to get you and want me to hold you immediately! It makes me so happy to know you missed me!

Harper-girl, we love you SO, SO, SO much! Every single day, you make us smile and laugh and I know that will continue because you are such a sweet, little girl!

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Lexie Loo, Lily Boo, and Dylan Too! said...

Happy 7 months, Harper!
She is soooo cute!