Friday, October 28, 2011

She's Pierced!

Harper got her ears pierced! If you would've asked me 2 weeks ago when this would happen, I would've told you that I hadn't given it any thought. However, I went to the mall this week, which is a totally rare occasion, and saw the piercing place and starting thinking about if it was time. I posted the question on Facebook about whether she is too young or should I wait and talked to Jimmy and he said we should take her. So, back to the mall we went ...
Once last look at our earring-less girl! She looks really tired because we went before nap time!

Jimmy had to hold her because I was too scared!
Yes, she is crying, but this was BEFORE the actual piercing while the girl was marking up her ears!

She cried for a minute after the piercing, but then she calmed down and fell asleep! She looks so cute!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Harper: 5 months old!!!

Harper Elizabeth, you are now FIVE months old!!! How did this happen? Weren't you just a newborn 5 days ago?! It is seriously going too quickly!
  • You weigh probably about *20 pounds and are 27-28 inches tall (*I'm not positive since you don't have a doctor's appointment this month).
  • You wear mostly 9-12 month tops and 6-9 month pants. You also wear a few longer 6 months sleepers, but mostly 9 month sleepers.
  • You wear a size 2-3 shoe, but your feet are so chubby that even the 3s seem tight on the top of your foot.
  • You wear size 3 diapers. I actually had to go buy diapers for the first time as our supply from my co-workers finally ran out.
  • You eat about every 3-4 hours during the day. You still make that little fake cry/cough to let us know that you are hungry.
  • You started "real" food this month. You weren't a fan of the Gerber foods (it was too runny, so you spit it back out), but you like Ella's Organics baby food which is a little thicker.
  • You are awake most of daytime. When you are awake, you like to roll onto your belly on the floor, play in your activity bouncer, and be held and talked to. You also like to dance with daddy (he twists you around like you are dancing) and watch your brother!
  • You are a decent daytime sleeper. We had a few weeks this month where you averaged 1 hour nap a day ... 15 minutes here and there ... that was it! Those were long days! This week, you've been sleeping pretty well though. You take 1 longer nap (@2 hours) about 2 hours after you wake up, then you take a 3-4 short 1 hour cat-naps throughout the day.
  • You sleep through the night about 90% of the time. You lose 5% this month because you got up quite a bit in the night. I'm not sure if it was teeth, but you were stuffy and just got up like a newborn. Bedtime is usually around 10 and sometimes you wake up around 6-6:30, eat, and go back to bed until 8ish.
  • You have a self-soothing ritual of pulling your hair with one hand while sucking on your fingers with the other ... it's a little strange, but you seem to like it.
  • You are the sweetest (spoiled) little girl who LOVES to be held! Your favorite spot to sleep is in Mommy or Daddy's arms and the minute we put you down, you wake right up!
  • Your big brother ADORES you!!! When you are crying, he always comes and makes you happy again. You totally light up when he comes into the room and always smile when you see him. He loves to lay by you, touch you, talk/sing to you, and tell you it's alright! He always wants to know how and what you are doing ... he's so good with you! He is my helper and is always watching what you do. You also watch what he is doing; I know you want to play with him so badly!
  • You love reaching for people's faces and hair ... you are a strong little girl because it hurts! I have had to forcibly pry your fingers open after you grab onto my hair.
  • You think you are a big girl! You are trying so hard to sit up by yourself, but you end of falling forward! Also, you love to stand up (with little assistance).
  • You have rolling from back to belly mastered and you are starting to lean back over like you might roll back and today you rolled from belly to back for the 1st time. When you are on your belly, you will push off our hands to move forward; it looks like you crawl sometimes.
  • You still have your "Papa Dean" hair style. Basically, your hair on top is lighter and you have dark hair all around the bottom! We still style you a faux-hawk because it's so darn cute!
  • Your eyes are so pretty and I think they will stay the mostly blue, but with a little green/grey tint!
  • You love getting a bath; it calms you down when you are crabby! We had to move you out of the baby tub and put the elevated mat into the big tub!
  • You like being carried around in the Baby Bjorn. This happens quite a bit because I cannot carry that infant carrier very far if you are in it! Ha! The minute you can sit unassisted, I will move you to a bigger car seat.
  • You are a smiler (especially first thing in the morning) and "talker" (aka a yeller). It is so funny to just talk to you and get that response! You are a LOUD BABY!!!! When you are left alone in a room, you want people to come back, so you get loud!!!
  • You like to blow bubbles/raspberries with your lips and spit usually flies everywhere. If we blow a raspberry, then tell you to do it, you will and it's so cute!!!
  • You got your ears pierced on October 26th and you did really well. Daddy had to go because Mommy was scared, but you only cried for a minute and then chilled until you fell asleep!
  • I have a feeling that you are going to be a sassy little girl! You such a sweetie, but there are times when your sassy attitude come out in full force! We had a few rough days this month with crabbiness, but you have been a good girl the past few days (woohoo)!

Harper, we cherish EVERY SINGLE DAY with you! You are so, so, so very special and our sweet/sassy, little girl!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Sunday's Best

I took these 2 pictures last week before we went to church ... I just love, love, love, love those 2 little ones!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Pinterest Monday: funny texts

I've fallen victim to auto correct on my text messages, so I thought these were funny!

Source: None via Pascale on Pinterest

Source: None via Coley73 on Pinterest

Source: None via Ashley on Pinterest

Friday, October 14, 2011

Infant Loss and Remembrance Day

Tomorrow is National Infant Loss and Remembrance Day. I had a miscarriage in July 2010 and there are days where I still sit and remember everything like it just happened. Take some time to say a small prayer for the lost babies/children and for those who experienced the loss.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

facebook updates!!!

I haven't updated my facebook posts in a while (March was the last time ... yikes). So, here are my posts from August to now ...

  • I'm not sure if it's the age (4 years old) or what, but Griffin has been getting emotional lately! Agh!
  • The Totally Toddler stain remover brush saves the day once again!!!! I love that stuff!!!
  • Getting coffee at 2:25 pm ... yes, it's been a rough few days!
  • Griffin just told me to stop singing because my voice was hurting his head! Ha!
  • Harper thinks sleep is overrated ... I, kindly, disagree. This mommy is not looking forward to another sleepless night! :(
  • Sorry to anyone who follows me on Pinterest! I went a little crazy during Harper's nap time!!!
  • I survived an hour shopping trip w/ a super, quiet little girl ... no crying at all ... it's a special thing!!!
  • Busy day ahead of me to get ready for Harper's Baptism tomorrow ... I have done very little, which is completely unlike organized Erin!!! I did, however, get her a super, cute pair of pink, sparkly shoes!
  • My little girl is 3 1/2 months old and SASSY!!! That girl is going to be a handful as she grows up ... Lord, help me now! ;)
  • Griffin has conferences tonight!!! I've been doing parent conferences for 10 years as the teacher, but now I'm on the other side of the table!
  • (Sept. 16th) Someone rolled all the way over today!!!
  • The people on Bachelor Pad makes me feel normal!
  • I just heard "Can't Touch This" and started doing the dance in my car! Ha!
  • As much as I love a warm, summer day, today's fall-like weather felt awesome!
  • I could watch NCIS reruns all day long!
  • IMPORTANT QUESTION: Does anyone know when the Pumpkin Spice Latte come back to Starbucks? See, I told you it was important?
  • Some days I feel like Superwoman; I clean, do laundry, do dishes, play with both kids, and cook. Other days, I barely can accomplish brushing my hair.
  • I love the smell of Johnson's bedtime lotion!!!
  • I thought baby brain was supposed to end when you had the baby ... I lost my checkbook (I cancelled the checks, but still!) :(
  • I bought oreos at the grocery store yesterday ... that was a bad move! Ha!
  • Pinterest is SO addicting!!!!
  • Today my baby boy is 4; I cannot believe it! Griffin is such an amazing boy and I am SO blessed to be his Mommy!!!
  • Griffin gets to go to school, eat pancakes for dinner, and open presents from Mommy and Daddy, so I'm pretty sure he'll be loving his birthday!
  • I'm happy to report that Griffin had a good 1st day of preschool! He told me about what he ate, of course, and that he was a good boy, which his teacher confirmed! She said Griffin was very polite and a good listener. :) He told me he liked playing outside the most!
  • Griffin starts preschool today ... wish me, I mean him, luck ;)
  • Coffee ... must have coffee!!!
  • It's almost time for Griffin's birthday party ... he is beyond excited for his Batman/Scooby Doo party!!!
  • So, I've been up since 2:20am and I am not tired ... I will be requiring A LOT of coffee to get through today!
  • It seems like Harper is trying to do every milestone faster than Griffin did! Crazy!
  • Tonight is Griffin's preschool "meet the teacher" ... He's super excited; I'm petrified! Ha!
  • The day that I can take a long, relaxing shower (or bath) without interruptions will be a very good day indeed!!!
  • Griffin has a double ear infection which is the one symptom he never complained about!
  • Remember the days when Griffin took naps? Those days were awesome! Ha!

Wordless Wednesday: Chubby Legs

Monday, October 10, 2011

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Bye, Bye Baby

Well, my baby isn't much of a baby anymore :( Not only is she rolling from her back to her belly, but she also was able to turn herself sideways in her swing (don't worry, she was strapped in). So, the swing, the tummy time mat, and the Bumbo seat are getting put away (the Bumbo because her legs don't fit in the slots - ha) and the new toys are out!!!!
First up is the Johnny Jump Up! Griffin got this for Christmas in 2007 and he enjoyed it and so does Harper!!!!
Next, is the Baby Einstein Activity jumper, again, this was Griffin's and Harper has picked up right where he left off! She loves this jumper (even though she doesn't jump yet). She loves that little frog with the mirror below it! I also attached some of her toys to the bars for her to pull on.

Finally, Harper has started eating rice cereal in her highchair! Griffin and I cleaned his old high chair off and she seems to like sitting in it! Well, she likes eating, so I think she knows food is coming when she is in it! Ha! The last picture is the funniest ... she wasn't too sure about it the first bite!!!