Sunday, January 29, 2012

Harper: 8 months old

*I lied last month when I said those pictures were the hardest to take! These pictures were taken over an 8 hour period and they were s struggle! Ha! She was everywhere. P.S. - the pictures where she is standing, Jimmy was right on the other side watching her!*
Harper Elizabeth, you are now EIGHT months old!!! I cannot even believe it!!!! I have already started thinking about your first birthday party and it's only a few months away which blows my mind!!!
  • You weigh about 24 pounds and I'm guessing you are close to 30 inches tall.
  • You wear mostly 12 month tops and leggings. You can wear a few of the longer 9 month sleepers, but you'll be in 12 month sleepers soon.
  • You wear a size 3-4 shoe. Your little feet are still so chubby, so you don't wear shoes too often.
  • You wear size 3 diapers.
  • You eat about every 6 hours during the day. You start to get really whiny when you are hungry, so we know it's time. You hold your own bottle, unless you feel like being lazy and then you just let it fall - ha!
  • You do REALLY well with food. As far as baby food, you pretty much eat everything. We cannot get foo into your mouth fast enough because you whine in between bites for more!You still love the puffed cereal bites and yogurt melts! We've also given you some people food, applesauce, banana, whipped cream, mashed potatoes, etc, and you LOVE IT ALL!
  • You are a "talker" and you know say, "Dada," "Bubba," "Hi," "Baba," and just this past week, "Mama." "Dada" was your first word and you actually started to say this last month, but I forgot to add it the the 7 month post!
  • You now have 2 teeth and I'm pretty sure there are some more coming in. YOu have the 2 bottom, middle teeth and they are sharp! Ha!
  • You LOVE pattycake and peek-a-boo!!! You love when people clap with you and you will take your favorite blankie and play peek-a-boo all by yourself! It's so cute!
  • You are a good daytime sleeper. You take a nap (@2 hours) about a little after you wake up, and then you take another 1.5-2 hour nap after lunch.
  • You are FINALLY sleeping through the night again!!! Woohoo!!! We go upstairs around 6pm and rock with a bottle. You fall asleep close to 6:30pm and sleep until 6:15-6:30am during the week and even 9am a few times on the weekends! You do, occasionally, wake up in the middle of the night, but you hit your seahorse and the music puts you back to sleep.
  • You have a nighttime self-soothing ritual of turning your head from side to side until you fall asleep! Also, you get sweaty before you fall asleep just like Griffin always did.
  • You are the sweetest (spoiled) little girl who LOVES to be held! Your favorite spot to sleep is in someone's arms. I rock you to sleep every night and we watch Gilmore Girls and relax in the dark. I love it!
  • Your big brother still ADORES you!!! You haven't been as rough on him this month, but you have started standing RIGHT BESIDE HIM when he eats. You are our 3rd begging doggie!!! He doesn't seem to mind that much, but you have spilt his water a few times and he didn't like that. He truly is the best big brother!!!
  • You really are such a happy baby! Even on little sleep, you still flash your big smile to everyone! You love to be around people and the only time you cry is when people leave you alone in a room, you are hungry, or you poop!
  • You are SO nosy! You love to know what is going on around you and what everyone is doing! If you are not in the middle of it all, you make sure we know it!
  • You sit will sit for a few minutes and play with your toys, but it doesn't last too long! You will sit longer if your brother is playing with you.
  • You are now mobile!!!!! You crawl and walk along the couch! It's crazy how fast you move too. I can put you down on the other side of the room and by the time I am back in my chair, you are under my feet!
  • You LOVE to stand up also! There are times you'll take your bottle while standing because you want to be up where everyone else is.
  • You are a blondie! Your hair is growing in more and it's getting longer every day!
  • Your eyes are mostly blue with a little green/grey tint!
  • You get baths in the kitchen sink, but you make a huge mess splashing, so we may have to move back to the tub soon!
  • You love sitting in the bigger car seat and you like sitting up a little higher and closer to your brother! When you start to get fussy in the car, Griff and I sing to you and that calms you down.
  • You are a smiler and "talker" (aka a yeller). It is so funny to just talk to you and get that response! You have the cutest gummy smile! When we are out, people just gravitate towards you and you smile at them!
  • You are a LOUD BABY!!!! When you are left alone in a room, you want people to come back, so you get loud!!! You used to cry when we left, now you crawl and follow us!
  • You like to blow bubbles/raspberries with your lips and spit usually flies everywhere!
  • You are doing really well going to the babysitter's house during the week. However, you light up when I come to get you and want me to hold you immediately! It makes me so happy to know you missed me!

Harper-girl, you are such a doll! I cannot get over how much we all love you and how special you are to us!

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Lexie Loo, Lily Boo, and Dylan Too! said...

Happy 8 months, Harper!
She is getting so big!